Best Maternity Photography of the Year

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Celebrating 5 Years of Maternity Photography

I celebrated over 5 years in business this year. This milestone means the world to me as a business owner and even more as a woman. Fifty percent of all small business fail after the 5-year mark. I am here and doing better every single year. I like to look back at the end of every at all of my images and think about what I could do better, what I did well and how I want to be different next year. Every year, I want to be better than the year before. I take this very seriously.

‘We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.’ – Bill Gates

As a sole proprietor, I have no water cooler to talk to people at when I need a break. I rarely get to soundboard my troubles or challenges. I depend on me. If you are a business owner you know what I mean – it is 100 times more work than you will ever imagine.

Celebrating little wins has been hard, but this year and next I am going to make it a priority.  Today I am starting that tradition. I am excited to show you some of my best and or favorite Maternity Photography from 2017. My job is an art form, and I am taking time to enjoy it.

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