Part I: Hard Working Man, Blessed Woman




Part I: Hard Working Man, Blessed Woman

by Tilly Goble, Seattle Newborn Photographer

This morning I visited a bakery that is all too convenient to my home for my waist line’s sake. After all, a brisk two block walk deserves a savory breakfast with a view of my keyboard and a moment to just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. My usual routine involves sticking headphones into my ears (attention: I’m an introvert), but today, I instead said hello to a woman next to me with a sweet baby girl, maybe all of nine months new.

My ears were suddenly free to explore the sounds around me- hissing, steaming milk, plates clacking together, paper bags opening, the door squeaking open and shut, mumbles of the crowd enjoying conversation and treats, coming and going in an almost rhythmic method.

A young couple-twenty or thirtysomethings- sat down right to next to me with an older couple, perhaps their parents. Their greeting was long. It seemed that they hadn’t seen each other in a while. Small talk began: “How is Aunt Jo and Uncle John?” But as the conversation turned to careers, it became quite intriguing. The younger man talked about how hard he works and how many hours he puts in since he got a promotion at his company. His boss is a jerk, but he loves his job and how challenging it is. After the requisite nods of approval, the older couple turned to his female companion in anticipation of her job update. She shrugged delicately, as if she was offering a silent apology. She said, “I feel really blessed.” She stated she liked her job and was blessed to be where she is in her career as her posture fell and her shoulders shrouded her coffee cup. I put my headphones in my ears because suddenly, I had something to write about.

He works hard and she is blessed.

First, I want to say thank you to the hard-working husband. Thank you for knowing you work hard and feeling empowered to acknowledge it. You feel like you earn that paycheck and it is clear. Good for you! You do earn every penny.

I want to say to the wife I get you. You are me. You are so many women I know. I may be a weirdo, but I listened intently and googled you. You are the Vice freaking President of a Technology Department in a very well-known company here in Seattle. You likely make more money than your partner. Basically, you are a bad ass and there is no way you got there simply by being blessed.

I will address her white privilege so you don’t have to. Let’s imagine she came from money, and had a full ride to the Ivy League college of her choice. She has a nuclear family that supported her at every turn. She had a perfect and ‘blessed’ childhood. (We all know this does not exist, but let’s run with it.)

Nobody took her college courses for her. Nobody worked long hours for her. Nobody interviewed for her, and no one else does her job for her. She did it all. She may be blessed with talent and perhaps even good fortune, but she is a hustler. She works hard. She’s had shitty bosses, too. She took what is hers. She is a lot like me and all of the hard working, ass busting women who are “blessed”.

Part II: An Uncomfortable Blessing (coming soon…)


Okay enough of that blogging… This Newborn Photographer wants you to see something!

A serious must-see, stunning Newborn Session that took place right here in Seattle! You can’t help but smile when you see these images.


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I told you I’d make you smile. 😉

Naissance Photography | Tilly, Newborn Photographer




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