Faces of Columbia City Series | Farmers Market October 15th




Today was the final day of the season for the Farmer’s Market here in Columbia City.  I lament that this year I did not get out to the market as much as I did last year. I never planned anything on my Wednesdays in the summer, I did not have to. The Farmer’s Market was here to supply ample fantastic food for my family, activities for my munchkin and so many friends to see! You simply cannot go to the Farmer’s Market without running into your friends!

Today was the final day and I had the pleasure of running into many fantastic folks I know right here in the neighborhood!  At 3:00pm, when it started, I was not sure if we could stay; the rain was tough. Like anything in life you must persevere if you want the reward, and the sun that burst through the clouds with big bright rays of warm was worth every wet drop.

If you were wondering about where to get this fantastic local farm fresh food there are many markets running year round! For example the U-District Market runs year round on Saturdays from 9:00am-2:00pm.  All of your favorite vendors will be there!

columbia city farmers market
columbia city farmers market
seattle-family-photographer_0118Martin Family Orchards will be at the University District and you can find them online at www.martinfamilyorchard.com
seattle-family-photographer_0119Not to worry, Olsen Farms, where you get your Grass-fed Beef, Lamb and Pork, will be at many local markets! Ballard, University District, West Seattle and more!
columbia city farmers market columbia city farmers market columbia city farmers market columbia city farmers market

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