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Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Photography




Do's and Don'ts of Dating Profile Photography

The professional advice for everyone is stated below; but first I need to get something off my chest which prompted this article in the first place. Hey there fellas – let me offer some friendly advice from a gal who’s swiped left more times than I’d like to admit. 🤷‍♀️ If you’re trying to impress a lady, maybe reconsider some of those ‘manly’ shots. For instance:

  • Flexing in front of your car? Are you dating us or the car? 🚗
  • Holding a fish? Unless it’s singing ‘Under the Sea’, it’s not Ariel, and I’m not impressed. 🐠
  • Posing with caged animals? We like our animals like we like our relationships: free and wild! 🦁
  • Ski shots where we can’t see your face? Snow joke, we’d love to see who’s under that helmet! 🎿
  • And lastly, gym mirror flexes? Unless it’s a tutorial on how to properly lift a chocolate bar to our mouths, hard pass. 🍫

Just a thought! Swipe wisely, gentlemen! 😉

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  1. Natural Lighting: Opt for photos taken in natural lighting. Sunlight (especially during the golden hour, shortly after sunrise or just before sunset) casts a warm glow and helps to avoid harsh shadows.

  2. Genuine Smile: Showcase a genuine smile or expression. People are naturally drawn to authenticity, and a real smile can convey warmth and approachability.

  3. Dress Appropriately: Wear outfits that make you feel confident but also remain true to who you are. Ensure that your clothing is tidy and complements your figure.

  4. Use Recent Photos: Ensure that the photos you use are recent. It’s important that the photos represent what you currently look like, not how you looked years ago.

  5. Include Variety: Use a mix of close-up shots, full-body shots, and photos of you engaging in activities you love. This gives viewers a well-rounded sense of who you are.


  1. Avoid Filters: Steer clear of heavy filters or digitally altering your appearance too much. While some light touch-ups are okay, it’s best to present an authentic version of yourself.

  2. No Group Shots as Main Photo: Avoid using group photos as your primary profile picture. It can be confusing for viewers to figure out which person you are. If you include group shots, make sure you’re easily identifiable.

  3. Beware of Background Clutter: Ensure the background isn’t too cluttered or distracting. The focus should be on you.

  4. Avoid Overused Poses/Clichés: Certain poses or photo clichés (e.g., the “tiger king” shot, gym mirror selfie, etc.) are overused and might not set you apart.

  5. Don’t Hide Your Face: Whether it’s large sunglasses, hats, or other obstructions, ensure your face is clearly visible. It’s essential for making a genuine connection.


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