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I got a question the other day from a client inquiring about why I do not post all of my sessions on the blog. What a great, valid question. In truth, there are a number of reasons I do not do this.

family photographer

Time: This is probably the biggest piece of the ‘reason pie’. While I would love to have time to post every session, this is no longer possible or logical for me. I want to be behind the camera and delivering quality images to my amazing families, not writing about it. If I am not doing what I love, I am spending time with my family. Having work life balance is so important to me in this day and age when it really is hard to maintain.

Engagement: Having something I want to say is a big part of this blog. I tend to turn on and off when it comes to having something to say, praying you find it interesting, and engaging you, the readers. The blog is usually a product of late nights in my office with the sound of dueling soft tapping computer keys emenating from me and my husband’s computers (Welcome to how couples spend time together in 2015).  Me at my standing desk and him in my soft, comfortable chair behind me.


Art: Fact-I think of myself as an artist. When I post my artwork, I want it to be of sessions that truly speak to the aesthetic I want to show off to the world. I get asked to photograph many things, and many different families. If I posted all the corporate head shots I do, I would lose you as a viewer. Trust me. I post what I want to do more of!

I would love to show the world all the amazing and stunning families I photograph, really. I am proud of all the work I do. Your pictures may not make it on my website, but they are always on my Facebook. So please, go, tag yourself, share and enjoy!

That said: Please take a moment to check out this stunning family!



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