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The busier I get the less I blog, but this topic has been heavy on my heart and mind.

Hey, Family Photographer! Enjoy the Ride!

That time of year is upon us; the weather is stunning and families from all over are calling to capture their connection, smiles, and joy. For all Family Photographers, this time of year can be brutal and does not let up until mid-November. I just buckle my seat belt, hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride. The rigorousness of the season does not lend much time to meditate or reflect so I try to remind myself to do that as much as possible before I am up editing every night until 11:00 pm.

Am I meeting my goals both personally and professionally? How could I do better in the next 6 months? I sit here thinking the only person in my way is me. I get in my own way of my success, my weight loss goals, my time to blog, the list is endless. I have an uncanny ability to tell myself lies to keep me from being where I want to be. I tell myself I have no time; I am just a “big girl”; I have no time for friends; I’m not good at it anyway, why try? None of this is true. I am my own stumbling block. After all, excuses are easier than putting in the work. Netflix is easier than starting conversations. Sitting on the sofa is easier than getting on a treadmill. Watching others live is easier than really living. Am I alone in this? Working on “me” is hard. So rewarding, but hard!

“…the uncomfortable part is then also telling your excuses you don’t need them anymore…”

There is something real and raw about sitting in a room with your lies and excuses. Saying hi to them and thanking them for keeping you company. They kept you safe and well – right. If you are just a “big girl” and you’re not working to lose the weight, then you’re right, you’re justified – right? The uncomfortable part is then also telling your excuses you don’t need them anymore to keep you safe because you are ready to venture out and try something new. Something brave. You are ready to stop being mediocre.

So here I am in my office talking to myself, telling my excuses off and preparing to let some of them go. I am excited to see what happens when I am willing to get out of my own way.

What excuses have made you feel safe?

A fun little sneak peek of a recent family photography session. Enjoy.

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Magnuson Park Seattle

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