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Kids need to be kids.

We hear it all the time. Kids need to be kids. But what does it mean? As a family photographer, it means whether or not a shoot is successful. For my clients, it determines how many priceless memories are captured. If you want great photos, let kids be kids.

Children are filled with radiant light that glows effervescent when they play, run, jump and smile. They could harness the power of the sun with the joy in their hands. When we try to direct their energy, we limit their natural gifts. It is imperative we step back, watch and let life happen. The moments we will capture together are far more stunning than those we could direct. I may be a family and newborn photographer, but I’m first and foremost a mom. I know firsthand how stressful photo sessions can be. After all, we’re investing time and money to capture a moment in our lives. Clients are trusting me as their family photographer, and I take that very seriously. I know how hard it is to relinquish control, and let go so we can allow a little wild abandon in our lives.

If you’ve ever seen a killer whale in an amusement park, you know how impressive these creatures are. They’re probably larger than you imagined, and definitely capable of impressive feats. But have you ever seen an orca in Puget Sound? They are a sight to behold. Majestic, dangerous, and free, they frolic with their young in the wild. The difference is jaw dropping. When we try to direct and force children to be our captive audience for the sake of photographs, we miss their majesty, their wild abandon, and their free spirits. Let kids be kids.

Please enjoy these sweet boys on location in Mercer Island, Wa!

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