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Moms come in so many forms. They can be a person who brings you soup when you are sick. A hug in a time, they are scarce. A smile or word of encouragement when obstacles seem too big. Cuddles from your dog… I have many mothers in my life. Many people who have been there for me in all of these times, to me they have been a Mom even for just a brief moment.

For those of us who have a Mom – that is far away perhaps we are more flexible to this idea of Moms everywhere because its simply better than missing your own Mom all the time.

I have only been a mom for a brief second in time – and while it took me until motherhood to finally understand why Mom’s may like to be celebrated for all they do – this day has always been important to me. Any excuse to celebrate women – brings out the feminist in me.

Mother’s Day is also a reminder to me of all the women who are struggling with infertility and loss of a child – may we be sensitive and soft in our hearts on this day.

This year with my husband abroad I spent my Mother’s Day with 4 other Moms and one Dad.  Whether it be to actual children or furry friends – I got to spend my day with these incredible women and that was the best gift I could have received.  Starting with Mimosas, smiles and plotting a vacation get-a-away then finishing it with this amazing family pictured below.

Here are some personal but fun moments from my wonderful day. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

Seattle Family PhotographerSeattle Family PhotographerSeattle Family PhotographerSeattle Family PhotographerSeattle Family PhotographerSeattle Family Photographer


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