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Before each of my family photography sessions, I send out a questionnaire to my families. By families, I mean Mom. After all, it’s mom who makes appointments with photographers. It is mom who (sometimes) like an anchor drags her family to see said photographer and capture memories. It’s mom who starts the magic. The buck stops with mom. I may be biased, but I see moms put a lot of work into making sure her family is captured and memories are gathered. I have a lot of respect for this effort.

I’m coming full circle here, I promise: back to the questionnaire.

This amazing mom filled out the questionnaire with a refreshingly confident honesty and thoughtfulness. The way she described her day to day life transferred me from my office chair to her living room. I could see, feel and hear her world instantly. I knew I would like her. This woman is real. She’s the type of person you could easily open up to because she is genuine and honest so it’s easy to be authentic around her. I sat in my Subaru blasting Sia (like I do before all my sessions), and read the questionnaires again, acknowledging how rare and beautiful her honesty was.  I knew it was going to be a fun session, and it was! I love when my expectations do not disappoint.

(Now that I have officially crept her out…Oops. Sorry.)

I hope you enjoy this playful session as much I did!

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