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Stunning Sunset at Luther Burbank Park

Mercer Island Photography

“Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too.” Beau Taplin

I absolutely love Mercer Island Photography sessions during the summer! It can be slightly challenging for some little ones because the sun sets so much later, but the results are always priceless. There is something brilliant about the light and its reflections during this time of year.

Though we still have so much summer left to savor, the end of July can’t help but to feel like the end of a chapter. We spend so much time looking forward to longer, warmer days and suddenly we realize they’re numbered. It’s only a matter of weeks before school will be back in session, and the crisp, cool air will return to stay for a few months. Change is always scary, but it’s also beautiful. It helps us hang onto the things that matter, and ensure we make the most of the days we have.

Endings can be hard sometimes. It’s difficult when you’re no longer pregnant, but suddenly caring for a child. You’ve gained a child, but lost the only way of life you’ve known. It’s hard when your baby turns a year old. It’s the end of infancy. You’ve gained a toddler, but lost the last time you’ll ever have your tiny baby in your arms. It’s hard when your child has any first simply because the old is gone, and the new is downright scary sometimes. With every new stage is a new beginning, but also an end. Endings may be a time of sadness, but they’re also a time of beauty. Every sunset is proof, after all.

This adorable family was an absolute blast to work with, and I’m so excited for how beautifully their images turned out!

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