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Seattle Birth Photographer

Spring Birth in Seattle from Tilly Goble on Vimeo.

There is something beautiful about birth that can be turned upside down in a matter of minutes. Aside from all the scary things we hear about child birth, there is a loss of choice. This is my biggest frustration with birth today. There is a culture of Birth Wars; those who choose a C-Section, those who choose a Natural Hospital or a Home Birth. I am an activist for all births… I just love babies coming into the world healthy and happy. I am equally an activist for choice; letting a Mother choose her birth story for her child.

This Mom was a fighter for her child before she came into the world. I hope this Mom goes on to educate and tell her amazing story. She elected for reasons of her own to have a planned C-Section in a Seattle Metro hospital. This Mom was fierce, courageous and strong in her convictions for how that baby was going to be brought into the world. This Mom brought on the doula from her first birth to help her navigate this type of birth as well had a birth plan she spent time writing and educating herself about. She asked that it be read by her doctors. She asked that her baby be placed on her chest immediately after the birth – no warmer, no tests… just straight to Mom’s heart. This is against hospital policy but she fought and asked that her healthy baby be with her. This baby went straight to mom’s loving arms after she was born. It was a beautiful, peaceful and amazing day. A C-Section that is personal and warm – it can be done.
Seattle Birth Photographer

Having an advocate there by your side of course would help a lot. Jennifer Tippie Quesada, of Natural Blessings Doula Services, was there every step of the way for this Mom. She was also a second shooter for this day. If you are looking for a Seattle Birth Photographer, you have found one; and if you are looking for a wonderful Doula, Jennifer is taking appointments.


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