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Seattle Birth Photographer

I have found for the most part birth photography is for the second or third time Mom. Being a first time Mom is tough enough. There is so much unexpected! I do hope this does soon change. Birth photography is not to be missed.

I got a call around noon on Saturday from a wonderful woman considering a birth photographer for her second birth at a local birth center Seattle Home Maternity.  After our brief conversation I learned she was due any minute!  I honestly was not sure I would hear back from her.

Then I got the call around midnight that very same night!  She was going to have her baby! This is what separates birth photographers from other portrait photographers, we are on call! This means scooping up your camera bag, on a professional outfit, throwing your hair in a ponytail and darting out the front door. Birth is so unpredictable which adds an element of excitement!

This Mom has a doula to help her work through the pain. Second time Moms labor differently in my opinion. There is not as much fear as the first time Mom. She was eager to push forward regardless of the pain to meet her little one. She was strong, she was brave and she had a little girl. I feel blessed to have shared this wonderful day with her and her husband.

As soon as her sweet baby was born she got was wrapped in the arms of her Mom and Dad – it was perfect.


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