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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Almost every birth story I have thus far begins with – it was 2:00am and my phone rings…

This couple had their 10th Anniversary of meeting one another the same day Little Miss M was brought into the world. I arrived to this birth around midnight; I  was welcomed by a very excited soon to be second time father. Their home was warm and inviting and ready for a little babe. There was smiling and laughter. It was perfect.

I personally did not know what men were capable of until I met this father.  He was so intuitive strong and courageous.  He was there every single step of the way. He held his wife with such reverence that in itself almost stole the show for me.  Whispering to her how beautiful she was.

Another magical moment for me was Moms smiles. She could light up a room with that smile. In between contractions she would just smile.  It was truly awesome. A couple of hours later she was ready to meet her baby; and in a warm quiet Miss M was brought into the world and wrapped into her Mother’s arms.

This birth was truly beautiful and special.

Seattle Family Photographer Seattle Family Photographer

Tilly is a Seattle based Photographer. Her style employs a photo-journalistic, real life approach; she believes in non-obtrusive organic shots. She predominantly works in Seattle but is willing to travel. Photography is her way of capturing moments so others can focus on enjoying them. With years of experience and a thirst for knowledge, she is always looking for ways to improve. Emotion is her muse when working behind a camera. Tilly works best when your family is at its most natural state; playing at a local playground, in the living room of your home, or backyard. Capturing your family and the love between you in photographs comes naturally to her. Call for details or write
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