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Seattle Family Photographer

Just You Wait

We’ve all heard it as parents, and perhaps we’ve even said it. Perhaps even I, as a Seattle Family Photographer, have slipped up and uttered the dreaded words. We lament to a friend, acquaintance, stranger about our child’s most recent struggle and their response is “Just wait….” Sometimes I envision Eliza Doolittle jumping up and down while singing, “Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait.” We so eagerly dole out advice in order to give value to our own needs instead of validating the needs of others. That kind of sucks, doesn’t it? We say it without thinking. It’s almost second nature like well meaning people asking when you’re giving your kid a sibling (You can read more about my thoughts on that here) or if you have a good baby.

Articles abound on the wicked ways of these words, and how they make us all feel. No need to write a diatribe about it. It feels gross. It’s not kind, it’s not happy. But I’ve got news for you. I love being a mom to my little. Some phases and stages I’ve loved more than others. But here’s what I want you- new mom, mom of many, mom of one, mom in waiting- to do.

Wait. Just wait.

When the baby in your belly kicks, I want you to wait a moment and savor it. This moment won’t happen again. When your newborn coos, I want you to wait. Just wait because those little noises will disappear faster than a sunset melting into the ocean. Mom who can’t wait for this phase to be over, I want you to be happy you couldn’t wait until you got a taste of relief from the terrible twos. You made it.

Just you wait. We’ll make it through this one day.

Please enjoy these Seattle Family portraits….

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