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Little One

Seattle Newborn Photographer

Baby mine, don’t you cry.
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
Never to part, baby of mine.

There’s nothing quite like your newborn baby resting their head against your chest as you breathe in everything about them. It lasts so long yet slips by so fast. I remember dancing with my baby and singing him songs. Sometimes, just sometimes the tears would start to flow (okay, gush is more like it) because my sweet, precious baby wouldn’t be a baby much longer. I was so excited for him to grow and for the days of diapers to be behind us, but I knew I would miss those tiny fingers and tiny toes. Thankfully, it’s my job as a newborn photographer to help ensure those moments live on for other moms. It involves a lot of trust, and a lot of belief in someone to provide you with the moments, the details you never want to forget, and I take it all to heart.

Little one, when you play
Pay no heed what they say.
Let your eyes sparkle and shine,
Never a tear, baby of mine.

I cannot believe how fast his first day of school came around. We think about middle school being hard, but let me tell you, the first time your kid is pushed to the ground, hit, kicked, or bitten by another preschooler brings out all the feelings you never knew you had. You want to fiercely protect your child while teaching them to stand up for himself and providing empathy to the other child because this is all normal behavior. Sometimes it just takes a few deep breaths to remember that your little baby isn’t so little any more.

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