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I won’t talk about the election. I promise. I will, however, talk about a #nastywoman and the normalization of derogatory language.

Thoughts from your Seattle Photographer

Over the past month I have watched women I know, honor and cherish whom are smart, kind, successful and powerful women writing the hashtag #nastywoman on social media, a term our current President-Elect used to describe his opponent.

As a culture, I feel we too often fall into the trap of using words and phrases that are not deserving of our gender.

Pussy. Bitch. Slut. Hit like a girl. NASTYWOMAN.

These words are then reassigned into a campaign for the opposite purpose to take away the power from the men who use them and distribute them back to women. These words and titles we repeat as if they belong to us and our gender. They do not.

I feel like by repeating these adjectives that do not properly describe us we give them more power than they deserve. As a result, we are not doing we what need to do, which is shine light on what we ARE not what we are not.

I ask a simple task.

Today can we begin to hashtag what we are? Let’s use our hashtags to describe what we are proud of as a women, mothers, grandmothers and daughters. We are so much more than these diatribes assigned to us by men. I want the next generation of women to use words that describes our power, strength and community.

I want to see you. Tell me how strong you are. How powerful you are. Not words a man said who knows nothing about you and the proverbial mountains you’ve climbed.

Think about it for me, will you?

#creativewoman #powerfulwoman #kindwoman

I want to show you this wonderful family with two #stunning, #smart, #kind, #creative and #joyful ladies.


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#beautifulwoman #happywoman


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