Seattle Photographer & 2 Weeks of Creative




One of my all time favorite photographers always set aside 2 weeks out of the year to just being creative and doing what made her happy. Photography comes with the idea that we all are doing what we love all day everyday. This is partly very true. We love what we do as artists. We love seeing beauty in everything and translating it into art. We love our clients and that we get to do what we ‘love’ for a living. But don’t confuse it. We still need vacations and reminders as to why we got into it in the first place.

Unless you are Morgan Norman or Lynsey Addario you are probably a lot like me and photographing what makes your clients happy. When clients come to me and tell me that they love that they always know what they are going to get from my family or newborn photography is a huge compliment.  Make no mistake it is hard to find your brand and them be consistent. But as an artist and creative, there is part of me clawing to get out.

I decided this year that I will dedicate 2 weeks to that person trying to get out. I am excited to share her with you.

I had no idea where to start. I had chosen my models and wanted to do something totally different. I did not sleep for 2 nights as different ideas danced around in my head. I knew I wanted to do what ever I wanted; but what does that even look like? And man was I eager.

My ‘models’ and their parents arrived and I instantly worried they would not like what I was going to do (not to mention it was with their children). I panicked. Why, argh. In retrospect, I am frustrated that I actually froze and panicked. I didn’t want to be judged. Amazing how easy it is for fear to creep in and take over.

I did end up relaxing a little bit; but I have so much room to improve and gain confidence in my creative side. It is time to let her out and play and get some experience just having fun! I am so excited for what this year will bring and to watch my creative side crawl out of bed and stretch.

It’s time for this Seattle Photographer to come outside and play!

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