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Tips and Ideas for your Maternity Photography Session

Bringing Simple Back

We all have regrets. Us women, we tend to riddle our lives with pieces of regret and stow them away for long-term storage. Pregnancy and motherhood, in particular, are filled with hindsight are 20/20 moments. I’m no stranger to this. I realized that I missed out on it, and it was too late. And what of all things?!-what did I miss out on?

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Maternity and Newborn Photography.

That’s right. This photographer did not get Maternity or Newborn portraits. I have such regret. I abstained not because I did not want it; I wanted professional photographs so, so badly. I simply felt like I did not have the time, the money, the resources to prepare, purchase maternity clothing, clean the house, and don’t even get me started on trying to make myself feel pretty.

Women miss out on such tangible memories of their pregnancies over issues that are completely fixable. I should know; I’m one of them. Your pregnancy is fleeting, and before you blink it will be over. One day you will longingly gaze at other expecting women wishing to recapture the time carrying your child. Ladies, don’t miss out. I can’t rewrite my history, but I can help enrich your future.

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Today we are changing this.

Today we are bringing Simple Back.

With a few tips, you can turn your maternity session into a beautiful, rewarding experience with little to no budget and little to no time for a truly effortless, tastefully simple session.


Go into your closet right now (yes, right now!) and pick out your favorite tops.

I know, I know, your favorite tops are NOT maternity tops. The good news? We did not use a single maternity top or dress for this entire session. In fact, this whole session was made up of hand-me-downs or pajamas. That’s right: pajamas.  There is zero reason to not be completely comfortable on your skin and clothes when capturing your beautifully transforming body.

Love, connection and your stunning, growing family can be captured with simple clothing items. Here Emily is not wearing a stitch of maternity clothes.  She’s in a blouse from Free People I plucked from Goodwill for $10. He came in wearing ultra-comfortable clothes as well. It is so important to be yourself. In the years to come, you want your little one to see you both for who you were in the moment your love conceived your greatest adventure.


I preach a lot (I mean, a lot) in my ‘What to Wear’ articles about the importance of leaving heavy patterns at home. You and your partner are the focus. Your love brought forth an incredible new life, and it’s my desire to highlight this element. Your chemistry can easily be overshadowed by patterns, logos, and animal prints. Simplicity is best.

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If you are anything like me, you are struggling with the idea of having to buy a whole new wardrobe while pregnant. I waited and waited to get maternity clothes. I even did the hair tie trick; fastening my jeans with it until my 3rd trimester. However, clothing fit is extremely important for your maternity session. I always recommend dressing for comfort, but make sure you are wearing properly fitting clothes. You don’t want to be pulling your pants up, or wearing them so tightly they cause unnatural creases in your skin. The same goes for your tops. You want to be comfortable with your curves front and center, not curves and creases that are caused by tight, ill-fitting clothing.
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Be comfortable. Wearing soft clothes with a good fit for your session will keep you from worrying about your clothes. They will create soft expressions. As pregnant women, we never have to try to be beautiful or give that sexy look (though we do it so well in the mirror alone). As pregnant women, there is a regal, resplendent, untouchable look about us. We are carrying life after all. Beauty is already there. No need to try.


Don’t be afraid to add siblings to the session! They add a very special touch to capturing this time. After all, they were there, too! If you have toddlers, they may have little patience so bring a friend or Grandma to watch them and when they are ready, be sure to incorporate them. They bring an element of love, laughter, and joy to every session.

Need to prepare the toddlers for the session? Check out this article that will help make your next session a true success!

The best advice I have is let them be them!


Don’t be afraid to add moments that are just for the two of you. Not every photo has to go into the photo album. Consider Maternity Boudoir Photography. Allow the photographer to come into fun moments that capture you and your partners fun but sacred moments together. While working in a studio is great, I am a firm believer in letting your photographer into your home. It does not have to be clean; a good photographer has an eye for staging and moving furniture. Letting your photographer into sacred spaces allows them to truly. capture. you. 




  • Go Outside!  You will remember the weather during the time you carried your baby in your belly. You become so much more aware of cold and hot. Enjoy the season that is upon you and embrace it. If the weather permits, make good use of it.

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  • Be Selfish. Make certain to get some portraits of just you in this stunning time in your life. Take advantage of the time you have with your photographer. It is always okay to ask for what you want!

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  • Get Creative. Think you’d like to try something you saw in your friend’s photography? Ask your photographer. But also be prepared for their answer. Photographers get approached a lot with “I saw this on Pinterest.” While some photographers are totally game to try anything, remember why you hired them. They have a style. They are artists and like to stay true to themselves and their art, so if they say ‘no’, that is okay too. It never hurts to ask.
  • Trust Your Photographer. You hired them for a reason. Trust them. If they want to try something new check in with your partner. If it is something you are both comfortable with, go for it! Remember, after you play it safe and get all the shots you wanted, its okay to have some fun and get really creative with your photographer. You never know if they (the photographer) may have been wanting to try something new and different for a long time and has been waiting for the right client to have a bold session with.

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This is your moment. This time with your little one all to yourself, encompassed in your womb, is so brief. Deep breath. Now go have fun!


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