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One of the most common questions I have been asked by my clients over the years is, “Where should my photography session be?”

Where & When: Your Maternity & Family Photography Session

As a professional photographer, I am pretty opinionated about the wheres and whens of a session. After all, it is my job to create a product that captures you at your best. Your best is best reflected when the lighting, weather, and timing are all also at their best. (I’m sensing a theme.)


There are so many stunning beaches and parks to choose from: Golden Gardens, Alki Beach, Discovery Park, Lincoln Park, Seward Park and Luther Burbank are among my favorites. You’ll find examples of my photography these parks below. 

Seattle is a unique location because unlike most places in the United States (perhaps even the world), it offers beaches and lush forests within steps of each other. I personally do not prefer one over the other. I love them individually for their unique and significant beauty.

Luther Burbank


  • Multiple Locations for varying backgrounds and textures
  • Stunning flowers in the spring and summer
  • Colorful leaves in the fall
  • Bricks, docks, paths, arbor with hanging flower pots, lakeside beach access and forest scenery


  • Parking can be difficult due to its popularity

seattle maternity photographer

Lincoln Park


  • Multiple locations for different backgrounds and textures
  • Stunning sunset (Golden Hour Sessions)
  • Paths, lakeside beach access and forest scenery


  • Parking can be difficult due to its popularity
  • Small walk with a steep hill to photography area from parking lot that may not be suited for all clients

seattle maternity photographer

Seward Park


  • Multiple locations for different backgrounds and textures
  • Paths, lakeside beach access and forest scenery
  • Parking is always available

seattle portrait photographer studio

Naissance Photography Studio


  • Lighting and weather is always perfect
  • Maternity Sessions include wardrobe as well as hair and makeup styling by a Certified MAC Artist

Georgetown Seattle Photography Ideas

Seattle senior Portrait Photographer



  • Industrial Urban Atmosphere with many different textures and colors
  • Unique architecture
  • Lots of areas to work with light and shadows


Here are a few other great spots around Seattle, especially when you need an indoor location other than your home (which is almost always a wonderful choice!).

  • Downtown Seattle, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Aerospace Museum and, my personal favorite, the PACCAR Pavillion.

Speaking of your home, so many folks don’t even want to attempt to welcome photography in their homes and that’s okay, but bear in mind that it can capture some stunning, warm and personal memories you’ll never recreate anywhere else.

photographer mercer island

mercer island photographer

Check out this article about Toddlers and Photography and how they LOVE to be at home where they are most comfortable. They love being around their toys and sharing their rooms. Babies are at ease and know all the smells of their own home. If the lighting is good, this is a really great, personal and sweet place to photograph.


  • No traveling
  • Children are most comfortable
  • Images are more personal

Perhaps not unlike a dessert menu at The Cheesecake Factory, the choices feel slightly overwhelming. Simply think about what’s most important and representative of you and your family, and when in doubt, ask the pro to help you out.


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