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I have had the incredible honor of photographing this wonderful family from the moment they became a table for three.
Check out this adorable, little man as he grows up… Newborn Session & Six Month Session.

We did Mr. T’s One Year Old Session at Seward Park in Seattle WA. We stayed near their stunning home in our previous sessions, but this time, we decided to venture a little further away. I am so glad we did!

It has been so much fun watching this tiny, precious baby grow into a darling little boy.

family photographer

family photographer

family photographer

family photographer

family photographer

You probably think that because I’m a photographer I have a vast array of portraits of my own son as he grows. The truth is, sadly, I don’t. Like any other parent, I have a slew of iPhone photos of my child. After all, you take photos with the camera closest to you. And that’s okay. But don’t keep them on your phone or computer storage alone. I encourage you to not only print your professional photography, but also your amateur photography. You are documenting the story of your child’s life. Take tons of photos, but print them. I implore you (have I said this enough?): print them all! Like books with pages to leaf through, we have forgotten printing photos and the meaning behind tangible memories.

Would you like to ensure a photograph survives your lifetime? Then print it. Touch it, hold it, feel it. Internet pioneer Vint Cerf recently warned that vast amounts of digital information may soon be lost in a new digital “dark age.” Quoted from Print Your Photos or Risk Losing Them to the Digital Dark Age, Internet Pioneer Warns. You may even wish to set a printing day once a month, or once a quarter as part of your routine to make sure you have your memories in your hands.

Printing your cherished photography is so important. It’s your pathway to memories often long forgotten. As your photographer, one of my primary goals is to capture your life essence to preserve it for the future. Don’t let these delicate, fly by moments be forgotten.

Happy End of August! – Tilly



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