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What are your core values? Have you ever thought about it? Really thought about maybe your top five, six or seven core values? And if you stop for a second to write them down. What would they be? Close your eyes for just a second, think.

Thoughts from your Maternity Photographer

Health, Community, Wholeheartedness, Financial, Joy, Connection …

These are some of mine. I recently wrote them all down. The part which lit up like a flare in the sky was when I thought how close I actually live by my own core values.  Putting a number from 1-10 next to each value. This was the flare. Glaring, so much so I winced as I looked at the piece of paper I was writing on.

Core Values seemed easy like breathing air. They would happen without having to work on them, because they lived in my Core, right? They were automatic. This is so far from the truth. What I am learning about myself is this is why I started gritting my teeth, not sleeping well and feel like I live outside of my own body. I am not living by my own values. I have slowly been moving further and further away from them.

To me, this part of what makes life so messy, gross, painful, joyful, surprising and beautiful. I love that this is so much for me to learn. There are always so many ways to grow.

Cheers to growth and opportunity to be the person I want to be. To raise my son with the core values he watches me live by. Seeing this amazing couple as they are walking into parenting with so much intention and thought, I can’t help but also want to stay in check with myself and remain thoughtful.

Please enjoy this new family and their lovley Maternity Photography Session.

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Seattle Maternity Photography with Naissance Studios: Over the Rainbow Package 

Locations: In Studio and Seward Park


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