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Family Photos: How Frequently Should We Take Them?

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I have been brutally honest about my struggle to take family photos. (Yes, I’m the classic case of the plumber with plumbing issues or the life insurance agent without life insurance.) I clearly value professional photography, and I adore that my clients see the value in my work. Many of my clients see me year after year, milestone after milestone. Others I see only every so often. It’s a conundrum of sorts. How often should we take family photos?

There’s two aspects to this: the realistic and the emotional. The truth is you are always changing and your children always are growing. Constantly. Those 3T pants you bought last spring to prepare for winter may look like capri pants on your child. Your eight year old suddenly doesn’t want to be hugged or kissed in front of his friends. The little girl who used to parade around in a tutu is leaving for college in a few months. The years absolutely fly by. Before we know it, they’re distant memories we cry over. This isn’t an emotional filled tirade aimed to convince you to take more photographs, but the reality of being a parent.

Perhaps you don’t have children, but you have a loving partner or pet. Isn’t it fun to look back and smile about the wrinkles you didn’t have ten years ago? Or how much happier you are now compared to back then? Maybe you’ll laugh at how cute your puppy was in those few days he was tiny. The truth is there’s never a bad time to take family photos that make you smile.

With the necessary considerations of time and budget, you should take family photos as often as you and your children grow to represent who you are, where you’ve been, and how far you’ve come over the years. You’ll never regret the photographs you own. Only the ones you didn’t take.

Before Family Photography comes, Newborn Photography! Please enjoy this really special Newborn Photography Session; taken on location here in Seattle. Welcome to the world little one!

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