Behind the Scenes of your Newborn Photography Session

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I recently posted about Newborn Photography | My Way, My Style. It was to make sure that my clients know what is coming when I am coming.  My clients being prepared makes every session so much easier and why not set people up for success? Being the mother of a Newborn baby is hard enough; especially for the first time Mom. Here is what is happening in the background…

Before Your Newborn Session, your Photographer is:

Packing up all the wool blankets and swaddles into a box and putting them by my garage door so that I do not forget them. I then am running back upstairs to double check my camera, my battery and sim card. I then clean my lens and pack my camera bag. My hair and makeup artist usually texts me by now to let me know where we are meeting. I pick him up before all of my Newborn Sessions so that we can catch up. I am lucky to call him my friend.

Once in the car, I eagerly turn on the music that I like to listen to at a volume that would raise eyebrows. Its a rare moment in the car without my 5-year-old, I do not take these moments, like the ones I have with him for granted. I cherish all the moments and take advantage to the fullest.

Once Robert, my right hand, is in the car we I feel at ease – the team is complete. We arrive to, almost, all of our sessions about 15 minutes early. Which gives us time to chat and sit in the car sipping the last of our Starbucks Coffee. This is my water cooler moment.

I worry that every time we knock on the door for my Newborn clients we look like we are moving in. Robert with a rolling suitcase, me with a huge box, a duffle bag and camera bag strapped to my body – we must look ridiculous. All the same, we are there, pack it in and let the rumpus begin!

I do love my job – even more, when I feel safe to be myself.

This couple laughs easily and often.  A trait I wish I had more of, their energy is electric. This little one is lucky to be born into this house.

Congrats Family!

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In-home Newborn Photography Session in Seattle, WA.

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