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It’s all those little things.
Musings of a Seattle Maternity Photographer

The Little Things | Seattle, WA

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Today I watched my son sitting (sans clothes) on the floors with sunlight drenching his silhouette. He carefully formed a starburst with crayons in a delicate spiral. He was so proud. I was, too. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot to us both. For a moment, I quietly laughed to myself about the abstract, 2D art my child had created with found objects. As an artist, a photographer, it really is about looking a little deeper to see what’s really inside.

When you’re a new mom, and you go to Target alone, that first sip of coffee as you browse the aisles is a breath of fresh air. It’s a little thing, but it can mean the difference between sanity and losing your marbles to a mom.

Little things can be good and bad. When you go to the grocery store for a few fruits and vegetables, but get distracted by the artisan bread, gelato, and cheese, those little things add up really fast at the check out lane.

Relationships are made over big, romantic moments, and broken over perpetual, small habits. We’re the sum of-of all the small details and all the big events that impact us.

My job exists in the little things. When I’m working, I’m looking for all those simple glances, smiles, moments, laughs that reveal you. Your story, your vulnerability is all hidden beneath the little things that added up to make you distinctly you. I want you to see you the way I do. And trust me, you’re beautiful. All the little, all the big, and all the in between. It’s worth taking the time- just a little time in the grand scheme of life- to capture the moments you want to remember.

Please enjoy this stunning session, I hope you love it as much as I do.

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