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Sink or Swim

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When I first began practicing as a professional Seattle Photographer, I was afraid. I was afraid I would fail. There’s isn’t one person on this planet who hasn’t felt the fear of failure or rejection. Not one. We either sink or swim at any major interval in our life. The idea is fascinating. Think about it.

You’re treading water. You can see the new land, and you can also see where you came from before this idea or decision came to you. The trick is you can’t go back to the old land, the land that existed before the knowledge came to you. So now you have two choices: sink or swim. You can tread water indefinitely, but you’re going to sink. Your body will simply give way, and you will succumb to the waves. Your other choice is to swim to that new land. It’s a land you can see so easily you can visualize yourself crawling onto the warm beach. But it’s going to be hard work. You’re going to be exhausted, and there is no guarantee of survival. It’s a gamble, but it’s better than sinking or waiting for a boat that may never come. So you do what you must. You stroke, get pounded by waves, sometimes consider going under, but you spit out the water and keep going. Then suddenly you’re so close to your goal, the land, that you swim with all of your might until you feel your feet supporting your body on dry land. You did it. You made it. You survived.

This is what running a business is like. Sometimes it feels like you’re going to sink, but you just keep swimming. Or at least I like to think I have. So ask yourself when your next challenge presents itself, “What’s it going to be? Sink or swim?”

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