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New Life, New Loves, New Songs… or the same song.

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As mothers, we easily forget the song of our hearts. It is not that they are missing: they have simply evolved or changed. What was once incredibly important is no longer, and it only takes one look into our babies eyes to know that all of our priorities have changed. While my son became my main priority, the song of my heart never changed. It simply transformed. It became a little quieter, but the lyrics stayed the same. I often find myself searching for ways to fulfill that need; to sing that song.

What is My Song?

Women. My song is to show women light where they thought it was dark. My past composed this song for me. The events that happened in my youth made me see the void which needs to be filled. Our past paints our future. Our past writes our songs, but our present brings forth our melodies.

My journey has taken many forms. I worked in criminal justice to advocate for those with no voice, in fitness and health to empower, and with young addicts to show them just how strong they are inside, but today I work honoring women’s bodies and reminding them of their beauty.

This is my purpose.

This is my song.
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We all have different paths that lead us on unique journeys. Divergent lenses we see the world through. In some small, even very small way, I hope to convey my path, my journey through my lenses to encourage you to seek yours.

Maternity Photography is really fun for me. It is a time where I find women to be most powerful. While full of love, doubt and fear, women are creators of life. Women are all powerful. I love working to find new ways to capture this power and put it to paper.



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