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Your upcoming maternity photo session is nothing to get worried about! In fact, it is quite the opposite. This is a time to relax, have fun with your partner, get pampered, and maybe even get a massage!

Not all people feel this way and that is okay. Personally, I think a women’s body, especially when pregnant, is just perfect. Capturing this time in your life is so important because it is actually quite brief and having these memories to look back on is important not only for you but your little one in the years to come. On a personal note, my mother raised my sister and me alone, therefore she is in virtually none of our photos. She carried the camera, took all the pictures, and nobody was there to take some photos of us together. This breaks my heart. With so much pressure to look a certain way and wear certain clothes, I realize there are a million reasons why it is hard to get in front of a camera today. This is why I will be writing about this topic in the coming weeks. I want to make it easier for you to feel comfortable being photographed and remind you of the reasons why it is so important.

what to wear maternity sessionSolids always photograph well; especially white, creams, grays, blues, and greens. I love earth tones because they complement all skin tones. Pregnancy and birth are one of the most natural things we do, so these tones add genuine warmth to the session. In the Pacific Northwest, we love to wear gray and black. I am wearing all black as we speak and will likely wear all black to shoot your session. This, however, is not a good choice when you’re in front of the camera because there is no start or end to your figure when you wear all black. Instead, consider a dash of color!

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Pattern and fit should be considered. Given you and your partner are the focus and your love brought an incredible new life, I want to highlight this element. Your chemistry can easily be overshadowed by patterns, logos, and animal prints. Simple is best. Also, if you are anything like me, you are struggling with the idea of having to buy a whole new wardrobe while pregnant. I waited and waited to get maternity clothes. I even did the trick with your hair tie, fastening my jeans with it until my 3rd trimester. Try to keep in mind that clothing fit is extremely important for your maternity session. I always recommend going for comfort, but make sure you are wearing your actual size. You don’t want to be pulling your pants up, or have them so tight they cause creases in your skin that would normally not be there. The same goes for your tops. You want to be comfortable and have your curves be front and center, but not curves and creases that are caused by tight clothing.
what to wear maternity session


Timing is everything. Choosing when to do maternity photography can be tricky. What worked for your first baby may not be the same for your second. This is what I mean by timing. As a first time mother, it takes our body a little longer to stretch out and make room for baby. When you have your second, you will notice you are in maternity clothes much faster! I like to photograph expectant mothers in their 2nd trimester. There are a couple of reasons for this. (1) If you are lucky, you have usually stopped being nauseous and (2) you are still pretty mobile. You may be too uncomfortable to feel great for the photo session if we wait until your 3rd trimester; especially when there is a foot ramming into your ribs and a baby on your bladder! You will know what I am talking about.
seattle maternity photographerClothing choice is also important. Do you feel at a loss of what to wear for your session? I have great news for you! My photography role model, Sue Bryce gave me an amazing idea to provide a wardrobe for my clients. At the end of the day, photographers know what photographs well and what leads to beautiful photos. I think that is why we love what we do. We are artists and we are always creating, so why not provide for your canvas? Working with me, either in my studio or on location, you are provided with my favorite colors and textures in a wardrobe that is sure to complement your taste and figure.
what to wear maternity session
Makeup is a very personal thing and it is regional. There is a reason we (Seattle) were voted by MSN Travel and GQ Magazine to be the 6th “Worst Dressed” in the world. Yes, the world. We are pretty casual people, therefore talking about makeup can seem pointless when many of us don’t own any or haven’t seen a full makeup drawer since college. So, here is an abbreviated version of how to make your photo session something special. First, wash your face, followed by exfoliation and moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin gives it a healthy and plump glow, which is so important to help your skin look great on camera. If you have really limited time, just do up your eyes. Eyes are the windows to your soul after all! Don’t forget mascara!

what to wear maternity sessionPartners matter, too. Maternity sessions are actually not all about the gorgeous mother to be. Sometimes it is about two mothers to be or two men.  I happily work with all families!

Men have a responsibility here too! Clothing color and fit is important for men, as well as proper grooming! There is no time like the present for men to get a good clean shave or trim. Most Seattle folks like their beards as much as their IPA’s, so cleaning up your neck is a must! Moisturizing your face and hands is also really important if you want to be snuggling your lady’s baby bump because your hands will be front and center.

what to wear maternity session

Hair should be soft, natural, and simple. Moisturizing your hair the night before is key. If you like your hair up, wear it up. If he is bald and always wears a hat – let him. The important thing is to make sure you are being you. When your little one gets older and is a father or mother themselves, they are not going to want to see what you look in an over-done version of yourself for once-a-year photos. They are going to want to see you. Meaning the real you, just a little more polished!

what to wear maternity session


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