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Luther Burbank is quickly becoming a favorite location for my family photography sessions. There is so much potential year round. Beaches, brick, concrete, woods, water, docks… you name it. So much opportunity!

Today I decided to spend some time reflecting. There are so many growing pains as a photographer. Sometime the hardest part is looking at your work. Every single time I shoot I come home with a new lesson learned, but like any artist we are our own worst critic. Every single time I take out my camera – which I promised myself would be every single day for a year- there is so much to learn. There is always room for growth.

I can never say – I NAILED that! I can always improve. I have had to call up my client and say – ‘hey, that did not feel like my best work, I want to give you nothing short of my best.’ I have gone back and re-done. I have not left a client feeling disappointed (that I know of). I refuse.

I am building a brand I really care about. I am building a photography business I would want to do business with.

I am proud to be a Seattle Family Photographer. I will work tirelessly to be great. I plan to make sure every client is a returning client. I hope to watch your family grow and be blessed taking pictures along the way.

I have been thinking about about what I want 2016 to look like for me and my business, which I have watched blossom over the last 3 years. I am excited about the opportunities ahead.

Enjoy this session; I certainly do!

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