All Moved In | Seattle Photographer & a 7 Week Old

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All Moved In

Seattle Photographer & a 7 Week Old

I have lived the bulk of my life in Arizona and Southern California. Sunshine is a huge part of my happy. You may be wondering why I moved to Seattle. Those of us who live here know we do get sunshine, and when the sun shines on us you can hear music.  We like to talk about rainy Seattle, but I  don’t buy it. I think there weather here is amazing! Apparently what can make or break you is where you live. I did not know to what extent until I moved into my new home.

There’s a saying, “You don’t know what you’ve lost until it is gone,” but there is another saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

We moved into a townhouse in 2014 in the heart of Columbia City. We thought it would be amazing! We thought it would be a long-term solution to our desire to save to purchase a home.  We moved in the winter and I thought it was really dark in this home, but I thought it would get better. It never did. It stayed dark. Very dark. There were homes on both sides of us with tall surrounding buildings and little to no visibility unless we were on the roof.  I felt closed off even though I was in the central most part of my little city.

We moved closer to the water, but just nine blocks from our townhome. Nine whole blocks and my whole demeanor has changed. I feel happy. Happy to sit at my desk and work. I can see for miles. I never turn on a light in this house because it’s full of light even on the dark rainy days. I have light in my life! What a difference a few windows can make.

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I also can’t wait to show you this sweet little family of three!

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