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Instinct is the nose of the mind. – Delphine de Girardin

There is something about the smell of a newborn. It’s intoxicating. For me, as a Seattle newborn photographer, it’s pretty awesome to get a whiff of it on the regular. For a new mom, it becomes all consuming. Seconds in between sniffs and whiffs of that precious baby can seem like hours. It’s amazing how a woman’s strength of smell intensifies, but even more so how all of her instincts go into over-drive. She may be an emotional wreck at times from the intensity of the hormones flooding her body, but she’s also hyper-sensitive to the needs of the little person who just emerged from her body.

Instinct: a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. When a mother is born, instinct floods her body. It takes over every ounce of her, but she questions it relentlessly. Fear, anxiety, stress, confusion all inhibit her natural instincts. At some point, whether from trial or error or encouragement from others, she begins to listen to the voice inside of her. Despite her doubts, she knows that her instincts are almost always on point for her child. It’s a lesson we can apply to everyone. There’s that voice inside you; some call it a conscience, some call it a soul, others call it a spirit, and some believe it doesn’t exist. If you listen close enough, it tells you what to run to and what to run away from. It’s why your teachers told you to keep the first answer you circled on the test. Our instincts rarely let us down, but the rest of our emotions sure do try to interfere. So maybe today is the day that you dig deep in meditation to find that voice, even if it directs you toward the closest coffee shop. Good things come to those who listen.

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