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Seattle Birth Photographer

This amazing couple had every intention of having their little girl in a local birth center. One of the reasons I love being a birth photographer. As all things we plan – life has other plans and this little girl wanted to be born at home.  In a sweet neighborhood in Seattle this perfect little one came in a fury!  Mom tried to crawl into the car to get to the birth center but knew right away her baby was coming soon! An amazing midwife from Seattle Home Maternity was there just in time to catch this eager little one.

I was honored to be able to stop by for some photos a couple days after this little ones arrival. I  walked into this warm home full of love. This little babe was right to be born in this home! Mom and Dad were the happiest new parents!

I take newborn photography slightly differently then some photographers. I love to watch the way parents interact with their little one. How they coo, stare and hold for the first hours this little person they just created. I love to just be a fly on the wall in their space and capture the love between Dad, Mom and little one. It is such an honor.

I was so lucky to be their newborn photographer and be there! Timing was perfect!
Seattle Birth Photographer


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