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Seattle Birth Photographer

Being a Mom starts the moment you get that positive result. You become a bit stronger in my opinion. And no matter how that baby comes out – and they always come out, that Mom created a miracle.  This Mom I had the pleasure of getting to know before her baby came into this world.

We met for coffee, I met her fantastic doula… we discussed her birth plan. It was wonderful! I love spending time with my clients before such an personal encounter such as birth. This Mom is soft spoken but sturdy with courage. She planned on a birth center birth. Although we plan for these things they don’t always go that way. This little munchkin wanted to stay in Mom’s warm belly as long as possible! Mr. Ryu was later born in the hospital.

I as so grateful to get to be there to capture Mom Dad and baby in their first day. Seattle has such wonderful doctors and nurses and many great choices to have a baby! You many think there is nothing great about photography in a hospital but; I rarely worry about where I am. The love and excitement in the room is all you see.

I am a firm believer that it does not matter how or where a baby is born. What matters is the loving arms the baby comes into the world being held by. What matters is that baby and mother are healthy.  Getting the opportunity; honor to capture those moments for a family is what I  cherish. Birth Photography is what I live for.
Seattle Birth Photographer


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