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Seattle Family Photographer

This wonderful family welcomed me into their home, which was hugged by our very own Lake Washington.  The home is modest and warm. Upon entry you were greeted with giggles of happy little girls.  With every photo shoot is an equally brave and stressed Mom; every photo session I do.  It is my personal goal that by the end of every shoot they feel just a bit more comfortable. If you have kids, you have been that Mom. I am a photographer, but I cried before my family’s first shoot – I was a mess! This mom was nothing like me; no crying, just relaxed and ready.

This Seattle family was waiting for their photographer. The eldest daughter was just a little ham for the camera – completely at ease and ready for the ‘click’, and a smile that went for miles. The youngest was… well, independent and unfazed by the crazy lady with the camera. It was fun watching her mind work as she went about her day. I have the pleasure to introduce you to the C Family.

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Naissance Photography | the c family from Tilly Goble on Vimeo.

Seattle Family Photographer
Seattle Family Photograper
Seattle Family Photographer


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