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Seattle Family Photograper

The day started pretty sketchy – a day that challenges even the most well adjusted Seattleite.  Then walks in the Seattle Family Photographer from Arizona…. It poured down rain, wind blew almost every cherry blossom off the trees, clouds rolled in and rolled out, the sun would break through with ferocity, then a bite in the air would turn even the devil’s nose red! But this family was ready for their family portraits and undeterred by mother nature.

As luck would have it (this happens every time!) the sky was perfect for us. I have some seriously crazy luck when it comes to weather.

We decided to meet at Seward Park in Seattle. Family Photos were a Go! This amazing group came with the most perfect attitude – what will be will be, let’s have some fun!  My kind of folks!

You have to love a photo shoot that starts with, “Tillie meet Tilly”. Yes I had the pleasure to meet a legit Tillie, nope it is not short for anything! I got to meet a true and genuine Tillie and she was delightful!

I  usually pride myself in these situations,  blow on the tips of my fingers and brush off a shoulder, when it comes to coaxing kids to play nice in front of the camera.  I make sounds, I coo, I jump up and down and act crazy even sometimes. But this cute little one was just a bit too sophisticated for me- she taught me a thing or two that day about how to really have fun in a more natural way.  She ran a yoga class for Mom and Dad, played in the grass and climbed on Dad’s shoulders. She smiled with a genuine freshness that even Spring got a little jealous that day.
Seattle Family Photographer



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