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Someone once told me it’s okay to be the one who loves the most. Though it might hurt, we never go wrong when we love and love hard. Over time, we rack up hurt after hurt, hit after hit that keeps us from loving with that wild abandon we did when we were toddlers. As a Seattle Family Photographer, I have the privilege of watching toddlers as a mere stranger. Toddlers walk up to strangers and hug them. They freely hug their peers, your dog, their grandma’s cat (poor kitty). They don’t hold back from the love they feel. They just give it out.

Toddlers are amazing and difficult and mesmerizing for so many reasons. There are memes all over the internet about how much we can learn from children. The first time I saw it, I’m sure I chewed on it for a few minutes. I recognized it and moved on. It’s like driving home from work. You don’t need to watch the GPS or look for road signs. You know exactly where you’re going. You’re on autopilot.

Stop for a moment. Turn off the autopilot. Meditate on what you can learn from a small child. They laugh so easily, hug, love, jump, play. They aren’t concerned with if they look ridiculous, or if they’re meeting social norms. The world hasn’t quite ruined that for them yet. Isn’t it amazing? Who could we be if we removed the lens of what we thought we ought to be? If we could love and hug without fear of being burned or what tomorrow might bring?
When I’m working with children, I’m focused on making it a fun experience to get the shot that makes this kiddo’s mama smile. But sometimes I just sit back, smile, and remember they’ve got the whole world in their hands, and they express every last second of it.

Check out this super fun family photography session with stunning fall colors and even more beautiful smiles.

View the Family Photography Video, you don’t want to miss it!

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