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What to Expect from Your Seattle Family Photography Session

I am excited to be considered for your family photography needs. Let me walk you through a family photography session so you know what to expect.

First Comes Love

Regardless of the age of the kiddos, I start every Family Photography session by just photographing the parents. I find this is a great way to ease kiddos into the session. This does a few things, it helps the shy kiddos not feel on the spot. It also gives the apprehensive kiddos a chance to watch their parents follow the directions of the photographer. They will hear and see the camera and start to understand what will happen when I ask them to join in. Depending on the children’s ages, I also let them give their parents instructions and really help them feel like they are apart of the process. After I get the parents relaxed and laughing, the munchkins often follow suit.

I once was asked to write an article for a Parenting Magazine about how to overcome the difficulty of photographing toddlers. I replied with, ‘Toddlers are easy; it’s the dads that can be hard to get on board.’ In my experience so far, this is truer than true! I might spend most of my efforts getting an adult family member on board and able to relax. I wrote this article just for dads to read before they see me, as a chance for perspective. Dads have a look here!

Then Babies

When the parents are easy to smile, so are the kids. This is why I stress in my article, Toddlers and Photography: How to Make Your Next Session Great, to keep calm and carry on! Toddlers, like waves in the ocean, come in and out of interest. Don’t let this bother you. We will keep on rockin’! One huge tip I have for nervous parents is to just let go for this session. Yes, make sure your kiddo is present and listening to me, but don’t work for the smiles, or cheer them on to look at the camera. This is my job. Your job is to get them to the session and remind them to be good listeners and do as they are asked; it’s my job to make them smile and make sure we are going to have a ton of fun! There may come a time in the session when I ask you to hide or turn around (face away from the kiddos). This is because I sense they may be feeling put on the spot, like they have to perform, or there may be too many of us calling out instructions overwhelming them. Let me work for my paycheck and try for fun and casual, easy smiles. If I can’t make it happen, I will ask for your help.

Family Fun and Cuddles

Once all the basic, grandma-approved shots are out of the way, I move onto the more fun, natural and artistic photography. This is where some of my favorite shots happen. Everyone is warmed up to me so some really awesome giggles and smiles come out to play!

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