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Seattle Family Photographer

It was your typical Seattle Spring day and they sky could not make up his mind. It was pouring, it was sunny, it was windy and then back to sunny. I personally love these days- its like a grab bag of weather. For most seattle family photographers who prefer to shoot outdoors or in natural light indoors >(me) these days can  be a challenge as you have to roll with the punches!  I prefer a challenge!

This day was especially wonderful because I  met a super hero who we will call Mr. M. He carried a sword and like my teddy bear fought off villains for me.  Mr. M likes spider man ‘ because he shoots webs’ – I like Mr. M because he shoots some pretty amazing smiles at his mom and seems to give a pretty fulfilling hug.  The love and respect between these two was undeniable. I  have had some clients say “you made us look so happy and relaxed” but I  can’t put something there that wasn’t already. Photography is funny that way… and one of my favorite parts about it. You are a loving tender family – it will come out; no matter how stressful your morning was – I promise. Mr. M and his mom were amazing to play with at the park and I hope to meet them again someday. I only hope that my son and I will share a similar connection.
Seattle Family Photographer


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