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Seattle Family Photographer

There once was a little girl and a little boy. The little girl would do anything for this little boy; simply because he was her brother.  She would also do anything to make him smile to include and is not limited to kisses, tickles and even ear nibbling! If my son ever had a sister – I would want her to be just like this little girl! Being their Seattle Family Photographer was an absolute joy.

Seward Park has been my ‘go to’ lately for many of my mini sessions. It seems to be a big hit for the families who prefer the outdoors.  I love all the many different textures it offers. And this family loved the blossoming cherry trees – who doesn’t this time of year?

I don’t know if it is my neighborhood or regionally… but I would say most of my families just pretty much rock. The love that beams out of them is such a joy!  I was up late at night editing; as I am most nights, and yelled for the husband to come see this lineup of photos. He made me get up out of my balance ball, (no, no chairs here) and sipped his red wine as he clicked through the photos.  I laid on the floor with my dog as he looked through… he turned to me and with a big smile said ‘this family looks like a ton of fun, there is a lot of love in that family!’. He is right. These photos just ooze love!  Thank you for letting me capture it!
Seattle Family Photographer


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