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Emotional Intelligence and Connection

Your Seattle Family Photographer and her thoughts on life and family.

When I was married, I lived in a tidy, neat little bubble. I assumed everyone thought like me, worked like me and even fought with their partners like me. I assumed my bubble was the only bubble. Ignorance is bliss, my friends as I have found that this is not the case. 

When I was married I knew we had it good, it was not perfect, but we had it good. We could communicate. We were and are friends, we coexisted in a peaceful and honoring way.  As we separated and later divorced we had our rough moments but the mission, to keep our son healthy and happy was clear. We knew our goal, no longer as a married couple, would be to exist as badass co-parents. Our neat tidy bubble remained.

“We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think and feel.” Marshall B. Rosenberg

Now as a single woman in my late thirties dating and meeting all kinds of amazing people I have been thrust out of my naive little bubble.  I have come to learn that everyone at very different levels of emotional intelligence. I find myself often with raised eyebrows and eyes darting back and forth while thinking, “really?”.  I also get a chance to meet folks whos EQ exceeds mine and I am surprised and delighted when waist deep in conversation with them. 

Now, before I go sounding like I am holier-than-thou, what I am realizing is, we are all on our own journey. Every date, every new friend I meet, everyone I meet, we all want the same thing, connection. We want to feel understood and connect authenticly with other people. We cannot really do this without the ability to really understand ourselves or our emotions. 

Everyone I meet is teaching me. One thing I do love about being single is the freedom to meet and talk to so many new people.  I am learning patience, understanding, and joy. I am learning more now than ever how important empathy is for everyone at whatever stage they are in their life.  I just feel honored to have had the chance to cross paths.

I am also learning for myself how important it is to ask for empathy, understanding, and connection from others. 

Here is too personal growth! 

Thanks for reading. 


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