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The sun finally came out. What seemed to be an endless winter turned slowly and gracefully into spring. I met this family at the Olympic Sculpture Park for their Seattle family photography session and I was excited to be able to see our shadows! The sun was out in all its glory.

While it is hard to ignore how stunning this family is, their personalities made me want to take them home with me. One of my favorite things about my job is all the amazing people I meet.

You know me, I never miss an opportunity to get all mushy and personal!

I am still me.

One gift of being born with a cleft lip is we, at a very young age, realize we are not defined by our beauty, flaws, age, or outward appearance.

I think the old adage is “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

For those who follow my blog, you know I did not have any friends in Middle School or High School. Kids are brutal, and they sometimes grow up to be brutal adults.  I was recently overlooked because of my weight. Yep, I have recently put on some extra *cough* 20 *cough* pounds (and no, I am not pregnant.) I just stopped worrying about my diet and worked on remodeling my new home. I could only put so much on my plate and gained some weight. The weird thing is – I’m not even mad about it. I am still me. Under this fluff, is me. Still me. I am the same person with priorities that were adjusted for 3 months which granted me these extra pounds. I am not embarrassed about it. I am proud of it. I worked my ass off…err ON…  on my new home, which looks amazing, I should add.

And when I lose these extra pounds, I will still be me. I will be the same person. Only with one less jerk in my life. So thank you for thinking my extra weight made me less of a person to you; because I am able to be more of a person for the people who know I am still me. With or without 20 extra pounds.

Something needs to change in this world. How we treat people as less than. How we see people as beneath us. People are just people.

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