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Sweet Little Sand Point Newborn Photography Session

Life is unpredictable.
Life is full of twists and turns.
The only certainty is uncertainty.

How many of us can say with 100% confidence we are exactly where we thought we would be in life? How many of us don’t have frustrations, disappointments, and feel the burn of adulthood?

It’s part of what’s amazing about being a Seattle Newborn Photographer. I see the hope, the joy, the glimmer of possibilities in the eyes of children. Literally, anything is possible in their life. It may be filled with joy; it could be riddled with heartbreak. But right now? They’re simply perfect. They’re learning what this world is about, and more often than not, they see the beauty in it. They see the magic of fireflies on a summer night and the excitement of opening a present.

The expression childlike wonder is no wonder at all. As we age, we forget that we see life in technicolor. We forget the majesty of the everyday objects, animals, and lives before us. A child stops and looks at the tiniest bug they spied on a leaf of grass. Us adults? We don’t even notice the grass. It’s simply part of the scenery as we make our way to our next stop in our never ending to do list.

What if we made a commitment to find that childlike wonder once a day? Perhaps in 5 minutes a day? In the book Five Minute Miracle (check me on this), Hal Elrod says you can transform your life in just 5 minutes a day. What if we all took 5 minutes to stop, breathe, and gaze at life like your four-year-old? Like your teenager who feels overwhelmed? Like your baby who is brand new and slightly confused about where his cozy womb went? Perhaps we would have new found respect, adoration, and understanding at how lucky we really are to simply be here, breathing it all in.

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Sand Point Newborn Photography Session
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