Thoughts on Gift Giving from Your Photographer

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Gift Giver and the Recipient

Over the years, I have learned that gift giving can at times be more about the giver than the recipient. Have you ever noticed that? There are two different kinds of gift givers in my opinion.

The Helpful Giver

This gift giver wants to know what you actually want or need. They are not offended when you ask for a gift card to get some badly needed new underwear or a vacuum cleaner. They get joy from simply getting what you want and need without needing validation for their amazing gift selection. Their desire is simple; they want to be helpful, and fulfill your wish. They understand that gifting items you don’t want or need results in cluttering up your house. They know their hard earned money would otherwise end up in a donation box to Goodwill during spring cleaning, and in return, you’d have a side of guilt with your purge. They want better for both of you so they are the helpful giver.

The Fun Giver

This giver loves the shopping experience and the ability to pick out just the right present. They seek out something they deem wonderful and perfectly hand picked for the recipient. This giver is well intended and sweet. They get excited about the prospect of you opening a present and your elated reaction. In fact, your reaction is part of the motivation for selecting the gift.

Both givers are wonderful because they both want to give. They both are thinking of you and want you to be happy. There is beauty in both. But not all gifts must be wrapped and presented.

To me, and only me perhaps, the ultimate gift is time. Perhaps it’s one of my love languages. Time. I could go the rest of my life without pulling the ribbon from another carefully wrapped box. Time cannot be returned, cannot collect dust and cannot be re-gifted. It is really the most precious thing we have to give and receive.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,


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