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Fall & Winter Fashion

What to Wear to Your Family Photography Session 2016

It is the busiest time of year for family photographers! Fall / Winter family photography is such a big hit! Kids are back in school, we are rolling back into our routines, and it’s time to update the family photo for your Christmas Card! The pressure can feel intense, especially when you realize you have no idea what to wear.

what to wear to your photography session fall


Solids always photograph well: particularly shades of white, cream, gray, blue, and green. I love earth tones because they complement all skin tones. In the Pacific Northwest, we love to wear gray and black. Our cars are gray or black, our sky is gray and black – let’s take a moment to brighten the wardrobe by adding a dash of color! I am wearing all black as we speak and will likely wear all black to shoot your session. This is not the best choice when you’re in front of the camera because there is no beginning or end to your figure when you wear all black.


Pattern and fit should be considered. I want to highlight you and your family. Your love for one another, your joy, your zest for life. Your essence can easily be overshadowed by patterns, logos, and animal prints. Simple is best.

Please keep in mind that clothing fit is extremely important. I always recommend choosing comfort over style, but make sure you are wearing your actual size. You don’t want to be pulling your pants up, or have them so tight they cause creases in your skin that would normally not be there. The same goes for your tops. You want to be comfortable with your curves front and center, but not the curves and creases that are caused by tight clothing.

what to wear 2016 fall winter


Keep really trendy looks at bay and wear the classics.

Who you are and what you love should come across in these photos, especially for your kiddos. Do they have a favorite pair of boots, a cape or ball they love to play with at this stage in their life? Bring it! I want you to look back at these photos and remember the best parts of your little ones, how you felt when you fell in love, the smell in the air when your partner proposed. I don’t want you to look at these photos and be reminded that leopard print was in that year. Sure, leggings are super fashionable now and back in the 80s, but there was a big stretch in between where you “couldn’t believe” you wore that. Think about classic style and move from there.

Pinks and reds can be less than complimentary if you have my skin. I am pretty pale, and if I wear pink or red, it reflects and creates a very pinkred version of me. If you are fair skinned, I would steer clear and choose a color that is better suited to you.

Here are a few takeaways:
– Let go of Seattle’s most loved duo, black and gray.
– Choose color!
– Stay away from patterns.
– Wear clothes that fit you today.
– The more comfortable you are, the better you will look.

And in closing, once you pick a color scheme – STICK TO IT.

Here are some ideas for fall color schemes!


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