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Push and Pull

Seattle Maternity Photographer

Everytime I photography a Maternity or Newborn Session I can’t help but think of these new parents!

It’s easy to forget that babies are genuinely tiny humans. They are born with personalities, quirks and preferences that will be nurtured and guided by their parents. I see it every day as a Seattle Photographer. Some of these kids are eager to do everything. Others have to be pushed off the proverbial diving board. One kid may decide to use the potty before she’s two, while another would never decide on his own to make it happen. It’s so easy to appreciate both qualities when we’re talking about kids (particularly if they’re our kids).

But how do we feel about adults who naturally dive head first into the unknown? What about the adult who hesitates and prefers to choose security? We cherish each child’s individual inclinations. We push the eager ones to learn patience, and push the timid ones to take a leap. We are SO excited when our fearless child hesitates to jump off the roof on his skateboard (Whew!), and stoked when our timid child decides to take a small risk because we know how hard it is for them to make those choices. It’s unnatural, and shows maturity, trust, and self control.

We can take a lesson from our own parenting for ourselves. Sometimes we need to step back and choose to be patient, to be secure, to be confident in who we are. Whether we’re a parent, an entrepreneur, a student, or somewhere in between, we can find contentment. At the same time, sometimes we need to be pushed off the diving board into the deep end of the pool. It’s scary. The pool is really deep, and it looks pretty far down. But here’s the thing- we can swim. We can push ourselves to do something we never thought we could do, and swim to the surface refreshed and re-energized that we overcame what was holding us back- ourselves.

I am excited to show you this fun Maternity Photography Session that took place in West Seattle at Lincoln Park. I had a great time meeting these two folks!

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Hair and Makeup: Robert Holzer
Seattle Maternity Photography: Tilly Goble Naissance Studios


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