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My Newborn Session Flow

There are so many talented Newborn Photographers here in Seattle. I follow a few on Instagram and love when their great shots appear in my feed. For the first two years of my photography business, I shied away from Newborn Photography. I was waiting and watching for my style to evolve, and over the last few years, it has emerged. Here’s how I approach Newborn Photography.

Take Care of Mom First

We begin by moving in. Robert and I appear at your front door carrying a box or two of hand stitched blankets and props. A bag full of different wraps and a camera bag are strapped to my back with coffee in tow somewhere. Robert is toting his day bag, hair styling tool bag, and a huge rolling suitcase. I imagine it’s pretty intimidating when for the dad or partner who answers the door. We look like we are moving in.

Robert sets up shop at a table and chair and takes care of Mom. All Naissance Photography Newborn Sessions include hair and makeup styling for Mom! His looks are refreshing, soft, and natural for the Newborn Mom. Moms love feeling pampered and getting to talk to Robert – he is such a calming, and exciting soul. I would be lost without him!

Baby and Partner Shots

While Mom is being pampered, I start photographing her partner and baby. I make sure baby is topped off with milk, drunk and happy! I also check to make sure the room is around 80 degrees (so hot). Depending on the sleepiness state of the baby, I will begin with either baby and Partner or just baby shots. This could take awhile and sometimes a lot of the Newborn Session is simply us sitting around and talking while we get the baby happy and comfortable. Once baby is happy, I do some minimalist shots of him asleep in the crib, then some blanket wrapped close-ups of the eyes, ears, hands and feet. You will notice in my newborn photography that I rely on mom or dad to be the ‘prop’. My style is to take many photos of the parents and siblings with the newborn. This is one thing that differentiates me from other photographers. I do not do much in the way of intricate posing with many props. My photography is family centered, natural, soft, holding shots.

Mom and Her Newborn

Once these shots are complete, I add in any siblings, including fur babies! Toddlers welcoming a new sibling may be a tiny challenge; they often do not really know how to hold a little one or even may have little to no interest in doing it. That is a-okay! I like to move at the same rate a toddler does. I like to honor their wishes with where they are with a situation. I can imagine its overwhelming. Mom is usually done with her styling session and ready to be photographed with her newest addition. Baby is usually very happy to see Mom, can smell her milk right away and may need to be fed at this point. This is great because a happy baby is a sleepy baby!

Family Cuddles!

Toward the end of our session, it’s time for some family cuddles. I climb up on bed with the whole family and capture the love and newness of it all! These sessions are as fun, relaxing, and enjoyable as you want them to be!

Check out this video of a recent Newborn Session that we did in West Seattle!

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