Crisp Air and Sunshine

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Your Family Photographer is going easy on you today.

The blog I wrote yesterday garnered so much positive and some negative attention. So today, I promise to take it easy on the internet. All unicorns and rainbows today, but just for today! I will be back to my opinionated feminist self, tomorrow.

I am excited to show you this fun and stunning family of five. We got together at one of my favorite parks in Seattle which is near the Montlake Cut. You can often find strong and powerful rowers gracefully passing by.

The chill of fall has started to hang in the air with the low fog in the mornings. I love it; makes for interesting light and photography.

Enjoy this sneak peek and stay warm and cozy. Most of all enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. Hug harder and longer for me. Okay?

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© Jeanne D. Rhein

Published on February 2006

They say that times were tough then
That money was very tight
But I remember my childhood
And I know that can’t be right

Mom would cook our dinner
Dad came home at five
We were all sitting at the table
Waiting for him to arrive

We wouldn’t eat from a microwave
Or a restaurant down the street
We all ate Mom’s home cooking
And boy that can’t be beat

We didn’t eat in front of the TV
Or with a phone in our hand
We weren’t plugged into a stereo
bopping to the latest band

We would all sit at the table
Everyone in their place
There were never any surprises
We recognized every face

Brothers to the left of me
Sisters to the right
That’s the way we ate dinner
Every single night

We laughed we joked we talked we ate
We were a family don’t you see
Though some may have been raised poor
You can see it wasn’t me

We ate collards we ate biscuits
We ate fatback and blackeyed peas
We said yes sir we said no sir
We said thank you ma’am and please

So when you talk of family life
Or how it used to be
Though many had more money
None were as rich as me


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