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It is the New Year – let’s talk about it.

So, This is Me – Your Seattle Photographer

I am feeling so many different things right now. I feel sad, scared, hopeful, terrified, lonely, and anxious then back to hopeful.

With a new year, there is this pressure in our culture to be a new you. It’s time for a change. It is time to turn a page to a better you. A thinner you, a smarter you, a faster you, a naturally gluten-free, drama free, happy AF Instagram version of you. At the same time, our culture is telling us to love who you are. Love the person you are in the body you are in. If you can do all of that simultaneously, my hat is off to you.

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. – Maya Angelou

Sitting here at my desk I’m struck that I just want to like myself. I want to be okay with the choices I make today. I want to fully embrace myself, my body, with no judgment. How do you do that? Where do you start with something that seems normal yet unattainable?

This has been my goal for years, and I am not giving up.  I do not have a New Year resolution, instead I will have the same steadfast, bull-like

Your 2018 Photographer in Seattle

perseverance to keep trying to really love me. At times I feel like my progress looks much like the cattle wagon in Oregon Trail; there are more obstacles then I have the energy to face. (It is not lost on me that I am now also officially old enough to make references you may not understand if you’re under 30.)

So, This is Me – Your Seattle Photographer in 2018. I look exactly the same as the girl in 2017. I am on a very long journey, provided I have the time.  I am grateful for the chance to live this life and have the time to learn about myself and what I need to be happy. At the end of the day, that is all we really want, right?

Okay, this sensitive moody artist is climbing off her soapbox. I wish you and your family the very best the universe has to offer you in 2018 and beyond.


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